Phoenix Rose Barton

Baby Phoenix Rose

"The Rise of the Phoenix" - The birth of baby Phoenix Rose

Born May 18th 2004 1.23pm at The Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, UK, weighing 8.0 lbs.
Phoenix and mother Angelina had a relatively comfortable and easy birth
at the Gloucester Royal's award winning maternity unit.

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Mother and baby returned home on the same day and Phoenix slept quietly through the night!
Since birth, Phoenix has been a very happy and content baby girl, who sleeps through almost every night, rarely cries and displays her captivating smile so frequently, that she has captured the heart of everybody she's met.

A beautiful baby girl with bright red curly hair and beautiful blue eyes,
Phoenix has the most wonderfully vibrant red eyebrows that shine like copper in the sunlight. will grow to include details and pictures of Phoenix Rose throughout her childhood, including pictures and details about her four brothers: Michael Barton, David Barton, Richard Barton and Cheyenne Philip Hughes and her parents, Angelina Scarian and Clive Barton.

Mum and Dad are proud owners and directors of The Click-IT Team Ltd,
a successful web design and management services company, based in Gloucester, UK.

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